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What is the the from/reply email address?
Posted by Elite Answers Support on 23 November 2006 01:27 AM

The Sender Information section of the Settings page prompts you to enter your from/reply email address.

When your email is actually sent, the email address you enter here will be the address the message is actually sent "from". In addition, when one of your email recipients clicks "reply", it will go to this address.

For example, if you type your email address as "", when someone receives your email, it will be from the address and then when they press reply their message will go to that address.

The email address you enter on the settings page will be used as the default for all of your email campaigns. You will have the option to change this and use a different address while you go through the process of builiding your email.

Where do I go to enter my from/reply email address?
Settings > Sender Info

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