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How do I prepare my file to upload contacts?
Posted by Elite Email Support on 06 November 2012 02:11 PM

You can easily add your contacts to your Elite Email account by uploading a file.

You can upload a file in any of the following formats:

  • XLSX (Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010)
  • XLS (Microsoft Excel 2003)
  • CSV (Comma Separated Value)
  • TXT (Text File)

The best way to setup your file is to have well labeled column headings. This will make it easier for you to identify what information is stored in each column.

For example, if your Excel file has 3 columns, then in the first row of your file you should put a title for each column. The title could be "Email Address", "First Name", "Last Name", "Phone Number", etc.
It doesn't matter what the column title is as long as it makes sense to you.

Once you have setup your column titles, then each row below should contain the information for your contacts.

It is important that each row contain only the information for ONE contact.
A quick way to check this is to ask yourself "Does each row in my file only have one email address?".

When you upload your file, you will be prompted to select where you want to save that information in your online Elite Email database. Think of this as connecting the dots. You're simply going to say "Take the information in this column of my file and save it here." For example, you will connect the column named "First Name" in your file to the contact data field named "First Name" in your Elite Email database.

We will do our best at making this guess for you and many times fields may be selected correctly automatically without any intervention. But, you can always make changes to make sure the data ends up exactly the way you want.

Remember, after uploading your file, you can go to the "Activity Log" to view detailed results of what occurred.

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