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How Do I Browse a Group of Contacts?
Posted by Justin Olch on 20 October 2010 04:18 PM
  1. Go to Contacts from the left navigation menu and select Search.

  2. Using the Status drop-down menu, select the Status you desire and using the Groups drop-down menu, if you’d like, you can change the group you want to narrow your search in. Click Browse.

    The Statuses you can search are: All, Active-All, Active, Active-Confirmed, Do Not Mail - Blocked by You, Do Not Mail – Bounce, Do Not Mail – Global, Do Not Mail – Spam, Do Not Mail – Unsubscribe, Do Not Mail – All, Pending, To be Deleted.

    The Interest Groups listed will be those that you have previously created.

  1. To Specify your search, click the "Show Advanced Options".
    a. The Sort By drop-down menu will allow you to choose how the results of your search will be ordered. You can sort by Email Address or by Date.
    b. The Added Before and Added After option allows you to choose between the time period the contact was added.


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