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What is an Interest Group?
Posted by Justin Olch on 19 October 2010 02:56 PM

An Interest Group is a segment of your contact list.

For example, instead of having your entire mailing list all lumped together, you can create different segments to reflect your different type of contacts. You may have a group named "Customer", another one named "Staff", and maybe others named "Vendors", "VIP Clients", "Newsletter", etc.

You can create an unlimited number of interest groups and they can be named whatever you want.

When you create an email to send out, the Wizard will ask you which groups you want to send the email to. At that point you can choose to send the email to every group or only specific groups. (Don’t worry, the wizard will automatically detect duplicates so each contact only gets one copy of your email.)

Interest Groups can also be public, which means that anyone can signup for that group, or private, which means that a contact must be added into the group manually by you.

For more information on how to create Interest Groups, click here.

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