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How do I add a Contact to the "Do Not Mail" List?
Posted by Justin Olch on 18 October 2010 03:56 PM
  1. Go to Contacts from the navigation menu and select Block/Unsubscribe.

  2. Choose the method of blocking contacts. You will be given two options.
    1. Block Contacts Manually
    2. Block Contacts – File Upload

Option 1 will provide you with a text area box to type or copy in your email addresses.

Option 2 will let you browse your computer for an Excel (.XLS / .XLSX) or CSV file and upload that directly into your account.

Tip: If you upload a CSV, TXT or an XLS/XLSX (Microsoft Excel) file, your file should be formatted so that all the email addresses are listed in the very first column.

Once a contact is put on your "Do Not Mail" list, they will not be sent emails in the future. They will also be ignored in case you accidentally try to add them again.

Important: If someone asks to be removed from your mailing list, you need to place them on the "Do No Mail" list using the above method.

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